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When Athletes Go To The Dark Side

As Wimbledon rolls around I have been thinking back to the greatness of John McEnroe and Jimmy Connors. And with Luis Suarez being the man on everybody’s lips at the moment, I couldn’t help but think about what these iconic sports stars have in common. It is not only...

The NHS – should we pay?

I am a real fan of the NHS. It does the best it can with the available resources, but there’s a demand for more funding and significant restructuring. It seems quite obvious that we need a change in the way the NHS is funded. When the NHS began there were no MRI...

Concussion In Sport

When I was growing up and playing lacrosse (back in the days when you could actually line someone up and hit them full-body) that a good hit was something spectacular. I can also remember being hit so hard that you felt it through your whole body – once I almost felt...

Football: The beautiful game

If you love Football, and I mean if you really love Football, then you will realize that there is something incredibly romantic about England playing Italy in Manaus. There is something intrinsically beautiful about this simple, elegant sport played against the...

Get ready for “The Greatest Show on Earth”

There is nothing like Samba football: attacking flare, style, and grace and let’s not forget that Brazil is the birthplace of the great Pele. I have always been a fan of Brazil. My father’s infectious enthusiasm after seeing a young Pele play in the late 1960s...
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