If you love Football, and I mean if you really love Football, then you will realize that there is something incredibly romantic about England playing Italy in Manaus.

There is something intrinsically beautiful about this simple, elegant sport played against the dramatic backdrop of the Brazilian rainforest. Four posts, two nets and 22 men make up two of the world’s greatest footballing nations – it’s going to be a stunning sight to behold.

The issue on everyone’s lips is the humidity. Both teams will be playing out of their comfort zones in temperatures of about 30C and humidity between 75-80%. But does that really matter? Does it really? Personally, I think it’s all about the game. The football should be what everyone is talking about – not the conditions. The players will deal with it, that’s what they train for – just take a look at the incredible setting and drink in this spectacle of sport.

This game will bring a whole new dimension to one of the planet’s most picturesque places. It’s occasions like this that make football a truly beautiful and remarkable game.

It just goes to show the true greatness of this sport. For me, this match is more about how powerful this game is than the actual match itself.

There is nothing like sport to bring the world closer and this is what the World Cup should be about. So forget the £200,000 a week contracts, this tournament is all about bringing nations together to appreciate the beautiful game in all its glory.

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