Are we serious? Come on, please, just a little common sense. When is it ever news, I mean headline news, that a parent takes a child out of school for holidays? This is really ridiculous. And don’t you think that the State has gone a bit overboard with dictating to parents when they can take their children out of school? Aren’t there more important things to talk about? There needs to be a little common sense. And on top of that, fining the parents? What happens if you don’t pay the fine? Do we really want to keep ourselves busy with this type of thing? For those that fail to pay the fine, a maximum of £2,500 with a jail sentence of up to three months. Really? I won’t go into the economic argument of why parents take children out of school to save money on holidays. I just think it is really ridiculous that in a Society that calls itself free, there are so many other important issues.


Finally, if there is an argument about children not doing as well in school as they should because they are out of school. Yes, there are consequences for every action, and with that parents and children have to take on that responsibility. That’s what it is to be in a free society. For your actions there are consequences and it is up to you to deal with those consequences.

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