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We believe in transparency of pricing so that our patients know in advance exactly what their fees will be for their treatment.

The standard price list below is for self-funding patients and is inclusive of consultant and clinic fees. Payment is required on the day of treatment, with the exception of A2M and Lipogems, which is required in advance of the procedure appointment.

Patients with medical insurance are charged in accordance with their insurer’s published fee guidelines and it is guaranteed that fees will be paid in full subject to any policy excess or exclusion. Confirmation of cover can be obtained when pre-authorisation is obtained for treatment. For patients using their medical insurance to cover the charges, in accordance with industry standard practice, fees are only levied for the consultant element and the clinic will charge separately.

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Initial consultation £250 £250
Follow-up consultation £180 £180
Diagnostic ultrasound £150 £198
Lipogems treatment x 1 joint £5,400 £5,400
Lipogems treatment x 2 joints £6,400 £6,400
PRP injection – per injection £900 900
Image guided injection – per injection £495 £600
ESWT (Shockwave) – per session £400 £470
A2M x 1 joint £2,950 £2,950
A2M x 2 joints £3,950 £3,950
Facet joint injection under ultrasound (up to 2 joints) £495 £670
Facet joint injection under ultrasound (3 to 4 joints) £695 £975
Compartment pressure testing £320 N/A
Trigger point injection without ultrasound £380 £380
Aspiration under ultrasound £450 £450
Bespoke patient charge Dr Rogers will advise on charge sheet N/A

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