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The ManuTrain is an active support for the wrist which can stabilise the joint and relieve pain and irritation. The flexible Train active knitted fabric compresses the joint and stabilises the wrist during movement.

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If you have inflammed tendons, arthritis or an injury in the wrist – the ManuTrain active support can provide support, comfort and pain relief. The ManuTrain takes the strain off the joint and an inner stay and elastic strap stabilises the wrist to reduce irritation.

Flexible, Train active knitted fabric compresses the joint, taking pressure off the nerves and blood vessels, which relieves pain and irritation. The soft, skin-friendly fabric adapts to the movement of your body, boosts circulation and even promotes healing. Soft, elastic material ensures maximum comfort and support that doesn’t dig into your skin – you’ll barely know it’s there.

Medical Conditions:

  • Arthralgia (degenerative, rheumatic, reactive)
  • Tenosynovitis
  • Feeling of instability (e.g. radioulnar subluxation)
  • Posttraumatic

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