Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test [CPEX]

What is the Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test [CPEX]?

This objective method is non-invasive technique to measure your cardiac and pulmonary function. During the test, we will be able to measure your oxygen uptake and carbon dioxide output, which allows us to determine your Anaerobic Threshold (AT). This is the point at which you move from aerobic to anaerobic metabolism – and signifies the efficiency of your heart, lungs and circulation.

What are the benefits of CPEX?

The CPEX test is perfect for highlighting underlying cardiovascular conditions that could lead to serious complications in the future if left undiscovered.

The test is ideal for athletes. Determining your anaerobic threshold allows you to tailor your exercise program to fit your needs and adjust the levels of intensity.

Improving your Anaerobic Threshold

The higher your Anaerobic Threshold, the higher intensity you can work at without building up lactate in the blood. In other words, a better AT leads to a better quality of training. Improving your AT will help you to perform at your peak.

You should aim to vary your fitness program each week to maximise your metabolic fitness.

This is called periodization training and should focus on different elements of training at different times throughout the season. You should begin with easy exercise to build a solid aerobic base.

After 1-2 months of ‘base building,’ you should aim to develop a higher tolerance for exercise.

Pushing yourself close to, or beyond your Anaerobic Threshold will help you to improve your AT to a higher level.

A high AT not only enhances your fitness potential but also boosts your sustainable power and your ability to burn calories.

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