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Metabolic Performance Testing

‘Our bespoke range of consultation and fitness services focus on optimising exercise performance in all athletes of abilities. Our qualified team will provide you with comprehensive assessment methods to test, target, and advance your aerobic conditioning and meet your personalised goals.’

Our metabolic exercise performance services:
In a relaxed and professional environment, you will work one-to-one with our experts at our Harley Street clinic. We can identify where and how you may extend physiological factors in order to enhance your endurance performance or improve your metabolic health.

Offering a range of tests, our experts will provide you with a comprehensive document summarising the data from your session including a training plan and nutritional recommendations to achieve your goals.

Our team and research:
Led by Dr Ralph Rogers, our team of qualified experts have over 20 years of experience. Our team is available to give comprehensive advice that works for you on all aspects of fitness, exercise performance and training. The team includes nutritionists and physiologists for both sport and health.


Aerobic Fitness Assessment

The full aerobic fitness assessment measures VO2max and lactate threshold. This data will be collected at our Harley Street clinic and will allow for training to be guided to your specific goals or perceived weaknesses. In addition, it is also possible to gauge the second lactate turning point (or functional power) during the metabolic measurement section of this assessment. Data measured during this assessment can be used to produce specific heart rate training zones for weight loss or to improve human performance. This assessment offers a full  understanding of aerobic performance.

Lactate Threshold Assessment

Whilst a high VO2max is a prerequisite for success in endurance events, the ability to sustain a high percent of VO2max without accumulating fatigue is of greater importance. Our Harley Street clinic can directly measure your lactate profile to exercise in a professional and relaxed environment. The running speed or power output during cycling offers a strong predictor of fitness and performance. Well-trained marathon runners operate at a running velocity just above their lactate threshold value for the duration of the race.

Substrate Utilisation and Energy Expenditure Assessment 

Understanding the energy cost and fuel utilization during exercise is key to achieving goals and/or assessing the effectiveness of training. Our state-of-the-art metabolic equipment will measure energy expenditure and substrate utilisation in real-time during a range exercise intensities. This technique allows our exercise physiologists to measure the maximal rate of fat utilisation and total energy expenditure that could target a more individual and efficient weight management strategy. This assessment can also monitor the effects of training and to plan for nutritional intake to match energy expenditure during short- or long-duration exercise

Maximal Oxygen Uptake (VO2max)

The determination of maximal oxygen uptake or VO2max is the gold standard measure of aerobic capacity. Indeed, having a high VO2max is a prerequisite for successful athletic performance in endurance events. In addition, this assessment offers a very good measure of someone’s cardiovascular health. A VO2max assessment will allow athletes to accurately gauge their aerobic (fitness) levels, monitor the effectiveness of training and should be part of any good fitness assessment.


Exercise Performance & Aerobic Testing Clinic

  • DNA performance testing
  • Lactate Threshold Testing
  • Functional Power
  • VO2max Assessment
  • Heart rate / power profiling
  • Exercise Economy
  • Substrate Utilisation
  • Energy Expenditure – During Exercise
  • Detailed Performance Report & Training Zones / recommendation


Exercise Performance & Fatigue Testing Clinic

  • Fatigue blood profile
  • DNA performance testing
  • Lactate Threshold Testing & VO2max Assessment
  • Energy Expenditure – at rest & during exercise
  • Substrate Utilisation – carbohydrates, fats and protein use
  • Detailed performance & blood Report (recommendations)


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